Pipecon 2016 Highlights - #pipecon

Pipecon 2016 Highlights

Pipecon 2016 was held June 28-29 at the Arcadian Loft in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The event was a great success, with an excellent turnout of engaged B2B thought leaders and a great roster of speakers and sponsors.

Pipecon 2016 was all about “Thinking and Doing.” Day one was filled with keynotes on best practices, current B2B trends and roadmapping future success. Day two offered two streams with workshops that showcased how our attendees could put what they learned on day one into action.

Some of the key takeaways from 2016:

  • Being human and empathic is critical to B2B marketing.
  • Putting your customers first when building content, websites or programs is always a great starting point.
  • Sales development representatives are a great way to bridge sales and marketing.
  • High performing B2B marketers are agile and use a variety of tools to build their campaigns and programs.

As we look forward to Pipecon 2017, take a look back at what made 2016 great:

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